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What is Botterfly?

Botterfly is an automated social (media) butterfly built to catapult retail businesses to mega-success.

Using Botterfly is like hiring a full-time social media specialist to join your team, except Botterfly is WAY cheaper.

Two unique core features make Botterfly the first ever “smart bot” for the social media age:

1. Previous bots were built by programmers who had never used any social media platforms themselves.

These not-so-smart-bots are the reason you may have received follow requests from accounts with names like “protEiNsuPp!ements483939174xxxxxxx8274”. Botterfly automates the activity of a¬†passionate and experienced social media user.

2. Botterfly leverages the latest Data Science technology to allow users to grow their platforms at a rate that has never before been possible.

Using machine learning, Botterfly constantly refines its approach to is capable of improving itself.  Each day, Botterfly gathers data and adjusts its algorithms accordingly in order to create a customized approach for each user.

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